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I like to inspire my audiences by using movement, humor, and sometimes zaniness as I tell imaginative multicultural folktales updated "with attitude." You may be inspired, relive a memory, or learn something new. And be prepared - many of my tales actively involve the audience! For more than 20 years, whether I am performing for adults or children, my energy has been contagious and my stories memorable.
One of my most cherished quotes is, "Mrs. Gorham is better than recess!" It's fair to say, at least from that second grader's point of view, my storytelling programs are original, unique and lively. For more information, please check my website: www.LindaGorham.com
Member Email: Lgorham2@aol.com
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  United States
Member Phone: 6308519415
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Member Workareas: Linda tours internationally. Check her calendar on her website: www.LindaGorham.com for upcoming public events.
Member Affiliations: National Storytelling Network
Ase: The Chicago Association of Black Storytellers
Northlands Storytelling Network
Fox Valley Storytelling Guild
Illinois Arts Council's Artstour Program
Audience: K-12 Schools, Libraries Linda performs for all ages. Noteworthy venues include: Athens, Greece Cape Town, South Africa Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, Utah Story City Festival, Iowa Detroit Storytelling Festival Minnesota Storytelling Festival National Storytelling Conference National Black Storytelling Conference & Festival Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference, Boston Northlands Storytelling Festival Fox Valley Storytelling Festival Iowa Storytelling Festival Nebraska Storytelling Festival Cinncinnati Arts Center California Association of Storytellers Event
Story Types: African, Original, Personal
Story Programs: Dynamic and exciting, Linda Gorham inspires her audiences by using movement, humor and sometimes zaniness as she tells imaginative multicultural folktales updates with "attitude." Her stories inspire, entertain, and engage people of all ages. And be prepared, many of her tales actively involve the audience. Programs for all ages - preschool through adults. Highlights include:
Respect and other Multicultural Character Stories -- teaching without preaching
"I Shape Freedom" -- African American legends (perfect for Black History Month)
Anansi and other Trickster Stories
Halloween Hair Raisers
December holiday stories
Civil War stories
Mythological love stories ... and much, much more

Did you know?

Linda's Award-winning CD is called Common Sense and Uncommon Fun
Linda contributed to the book, Telling Stories to Children
You can see Linda telling stories on her website: www.LindaGorham.com
Linda's favorite quote is "Linda Gorham is better than recess!"
Does Workshops?: Yes
Workshop Descriptions: WORKSHOPS:
Storytelling ALIVE! -- basic storytelling 101
Out of the Story Comes the Write Stuff -- creative writing
Creating Modern Fairy Tales
Humor: A Key to Story Success
Old Tales for a New Millennium
I Know I'm Good. You Need to Know Too. Now Hire Me! -- marketing workshop
Showcasing: A Fantastic Marketing Tool -- marketing workshop
Powerful Presentations for Rave Reviews -- persentation workshop
Storytelling is Like Chocolate
College -- So Many Challenges! So Much Diversity! -- freshman orientation
Superheros in Story and in Life
Age Range: Pre-K,K-5,6-8,9-12,Adults
Will Travel: Yes