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Member Type:Individual
Member Name: Velma Gladney
Member Bio: I am a former Chicago Public School Teacher. I worked with primary school children for many years. I graduated form Knoxville College in Knoxville, Tennessee, and received a Masters of Education from Cambridge College in Cambridge, MA. My career as a primary teacher led me to storytelling as an effective means of motivating children to read. I use my storytelling gift to help young people develop strong imaginations, self-esteem, character and and appreciation for the written word. My strong alto voice fuses mind, body and soul to deliver powerful stories to audiences of all ages. I have a wide repertoire of stories to fit a range of occasions and audiences.
Member Email: velglad@cs.com
Member Address: 9001 S. Chappel,
  United States
Member Phone: 1-773-221-3574
Member Fax: 1-773-221-3574
Member Affiliations: Chicago Storytelling Guild,Illinois Storytelling Inc.,National Black Storytelling Association,National Storytelling Network
Audience: K-12 Schools, Libraries, Community Events and Churches
Story Types: African, Original, Personal, All genres
Story Programs: African American Folktales and African American Women A historical journey into the lives of powerful African American women and adventure of folktales.
Biblical Stories from the Old and New Testament. Stories that are powerful and will inspire, teach, motivate and challenge the human mind.
Character Development: This program offers individuals the opportunity to develop traits of honesty, compasssion, friendship, loyalty and responsibility. Stories that appeal to the imagination and to a moral sense.

Ghost Stories: This program offers a variety of scary, spooky, and funny stories. Stories that will chill your bones.
Kwanzaa Time: Stories to embrace the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Stories to spark the imagination and celebrate the African-American Culture.
Participation Stories for the very young: The audience can join in songs, chants and act out parts.
Does Workshops?: Yes
Workshop Descriptions: Basic Storytelling(Come and explore the art of storytelling. Learn the value and purposes of storytelling. Learn a story and have great fun being a teller.
Age Range: Pre-K,K-5,6-8,9-12,Adults
Will Travel: Yes