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Member Bio: The New Rhythm for today\'s Oral Tradition of Storytelling
To Baba Tony storytelling is sacred, whenever a story is told we need to be focused on listening and giving our total attention to learning. Baba Tony believes stories can transform and inspire its listeners. He is also a djembe drummer, a banjo player, shekere player, a Results Coach, and a Certified Coach Facilitator. Baba Tony works with children and / or adults. He has an amazing ability to create an environment for learning, growth and development while being entertaining and creating a lot of fun for participants. His passion is in creating positive and heart driven situations for his audiences to enjoy. And also he believes that storytelling can inspire, confirm, validate, and engage the imagination. Storytelling is also a great way to plant seeds for ones morality and values.
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  Oak Park,
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Member Affiliations: N.A.B.S. - The Association of Black Storytellers - Lifetime Member
Ase: The Chicago Association of Black Storytellers
Your Favorite Storytellers Foundation, Inc.
Oak Tree Storytelling Guild of Oak Park
National Storytelling Network
Audience: K-12 Schools, Daycares, Art Associations, Museums, Universities, Colleges, Churches, Family Reunions, Community Centers Corporations, and Festivals, Concerts, Storytellers, Librarians, Educators lovers of stories and life Time Learners.
Story Programs: All performances are 50 Minutes
Martin Luther King The Present and the Dream

The Man, the Strong Women and the Dream
The Harlem Renaissance Alive and Well
Celebrating the great times and talents that shaped history.

Celebrating Kwanzaa All the Time
The seven principles of Nguzo Saba

Animals that Talk
Anansi, Brother Rabbit, Brother Leopard and their other Pals

Name your Choice
Stories Stories that speak to you

Changing History What Men did
Tell a lie long enough you may believe it

Giving Life to Black History
The first done and last recognized - Our History

The Middle Passage From Western Africa to a New Space
Where it start and when does it end

Celebrating Earth Day from the animals view point
The Animals had an opinion too

Juneteenth A Day of Awesome Change
Freedom call what a beginning

Celebrating Puerto Rico -
The Stories, songs, dances and its\' unique people

Unique Historical Performances (A Higher Fee Required )
50 minutes or 90 minutes formats
The African Influence in Mexico
John Jones and The Illinois Black Laws
The Buffalo Soldier Remembered
Does Workshops?: Yes
Workshop Descriptions: The Breathe and Depth of Storytelling ©
This workshop will assist in bringing your skills, methods, and techniques to life in order to enhance your storytelling. Storytelling is the original oral tradition. For Librarians, Educators, Storytellers and lovers of stories.
Youth African Drumming from Foundation to Rhythm
(Ages from 3 to 9 Ã
Age Range: Pre-K,K-5,6-8,9-12,Adults
Will Travel: Yes