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Member Type:Individual
Member Name: Mama Edie Armstrong
Member Bio: Mama Edie Armstrong is a bilingual storyteller, a Speech and Language Pathologist and percussionist. She blends stories in Spanish and English or in Sign Language and Voice. Her use of story was initially an effort to reach her multiply-challenged children and adult clients. In 2007, she authored an article entitled "How to Reach a Multilingual Audience" for a book edited by Margaret Read MacDonald, Tell the World: Storytelling Across Language Barriers. Mama Edie has published original stories and been featured on PBS and 2 award-winning storytelling DVD's. Traveling the world, she shares interactive stories and songs that capture the heart.
Member Email: mamaEdie2@aol.com
Member Address: PO Box 178153,
  United States
Member Phone: (773) 879-6773
Member Affiliations: National Association of Black Storytellers; Ase: The Chicago Association of Black Storytellers; American Speech, Language and Hearing Association; National Storytelling Network; Illinois Storytelling, Inc; Afro-Latin Institute; Las Caras Lindas; A Spiritual Journey Percussion Ensemble; National Black Child Development Institute; Early Literacy Initiatives; National Council of Teachers of English.
Audience: K-12 Schools, Museums, Festivals, Universities, Conferences, Keynote Presentations, Guest Lecturer for Adult and Children's Literature Classes, Park Districts, Churches/Places of Worship, Family Literacy Nights and Overnighters, Bureaus of Forestry, Corporate Sector, Social Service Agencies, Children's Hospitals and Adult Long-Term Care Facilities, Senior Residences, Family Reunions, Block Club Parties, Community Celebrations, Cultural Celebrations and specially commissioned projects
Story Types: African, Historical
Story Programs: Mama Edie's stories are primarily drawn from many diverse African countries, Mexico, India, the US, South and Central America. Having performed in many of these places, stories and songs may include languages spoken there. Bilingual storytelling performances may be provided in a blend of Spanish and English or in Sign Language and Voice. Presentations are literacy-rich and those provided for children support the achievement goals of many educational standards across the country. As a percussionist, Mama Edie reminds children and adults of the phenomenal powers of sound and how many sounds, including our words, can soothe, nurture, inspire or excite. Mama Edie may provide storytelling performances in a multi-media context, utilizing slides or video footage taken during her research trips. They may engage interactive stories and songs, with instruments from around the world, and a display of multi-cultural dolls to enhance cultural awareness, appreciation and understanding. Programs may be specifically tailored for any adult or children's themes. All will inspire self-reflection, imagination, and joy.
Does Workshops?: Yes
Workshop Descriptions: Workshops (listed on my web sites) are provided in storytelling, speech and language development, and literacy. Some explore how storytelling, language development, cultural awareness, music, movement and literacy all come together. Others explore the dynamic powers of cultural dialects in storytelling and in daily communication. Others examine effective and healthy communication styles that contribute to wholesome interpersonal relationships in the family, community, and in various work settings.
Age Range: Pre-K,K-5,6-8,9-12,Adults
Will Travel: Yes