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A photo of storyteller, Alice Butler Collins.

Alice Butler Collins


(773) 870-1432

ASE: The Chicago Association of Black Storytellers 
Membership Directory 2019


Edith C. Armstrong (Mama Edie)

Beverly Bennett

Marcia Ann Berry

Baba Tony Brown

D. Kucha Brownlee

Joyce R. Cohen

Alice Collins

David Daniels

Stephanie Davenport

Veronica Omiyale' DuPart

Andrea Fain

Sharon Flannagan

Velma Gladney

Dolores Gordon (Ms Dee)

Elisha Hall

Henry Harmon (Baba Mondrea)

Loretta Hawkins (Firekeeper)

Gwendolyn Hilary (Gwen)

Emily Lansana

Talle Laosebikan

Virginia Lathan

Muteeat Lawal (Firida)

Andre Lay

Charlotte Owen (Mama Cat)

Faye Porter

Patricia Redd (Serenity)

Sadarri Saskill

Dhamana Shauri

Paula Smith

Joanne E. Thomas

Bobbiette Turner (DocBT)

Joyce Wasner

Lorenzo Young (Storyman)


Ifeni Akinbusuy

Layla Akinbusuy

Owen Charles

Khalilah Muhammad

Sajdah Muhammad

Ari Lasana

Brooks Lasana

Destiny Preston

Afua Rashid

Dumisani Rashid

Kandake Rashid

Alaric Rylon

Javadia Rylon

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