ASE (ah - SHAY), is a term from the Yoruba people of Nigeria, West Africa. ASE affirms, as we express our spiritual devotion, that there is power in our words; not just the words we speak, but the words and feelings we express in our stories.

This is a photo of a few storytellers standing up and performing at one of our many wonderful shows.

The Mission of ASE

The Chicago Association of Black Storytellers is to function as the Chicago affiliate of the National Association of Black Storytellers (NABS), and to promote the art-form of storytelling. Through efforts to educate, entertain, and inspire, members will assist in keeping alive the African-rooted cultures of the world through the power of the word. Members of ASE are committed to guiding and developing youth in the ageless art of storytelling as well as cultivating and promoting community partnerships.

Come To Our Concerts


A Harvest of Stories Celebration

Experience the magic of storytelling at "A Harvest of Stories Celebration," presented by ASE: The Chicago Association of Black Storytellers. ASE Adult Tellers will weave captivating tales that inspire, motivate, and bring joy. This event serves as ASE's annual fundraiser, with tickets priced at only $20.00 per person. Your support enables us to continue our 24-year mission of sharing stories that connect communities. Mark your calendar and join us for a soul-nourishing celebration of the Oral Tradition of Storytelling.

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We Are Back!

The members of ASE are pleased to announce that we are back in-person! We are currently planning our 2023 calendar and we are excited to welcome you back to our stage. Please check back frequently to see what's coming up. We look forward to seeing you in the audience soon.

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This is a photo of one of our storytellers performing at one of our concerts with a band behind her.
This is a photo of a may of our storytellers posing for a group portrait.

Need A Storyteller?

Are you looking for a storyteller to share stories from the African American experience? You’ve come to the right place! ASE members tell at schools, festivals, museums, libraries, colleges, and at special events all over Chicagoland. Many are also available for programs throughout the United States.

Are You A Story Lover or Interested In Becoming A Storyteller?

Whether you are a person who enjoys just listening to stories, wants to share telling your own stories, or wants to learn how to be a better storyteller, ASE is the organization for you. Each month on the second Sunday, we begin our meeting with storytelling presentations from members and with the storyteller's consent, we offer constructive feedback. Over thirty ASE storytellers are eagerly awaiting  to be helpful as your storytelling partners.

Have more questions? Please communicate with us via our contact form to request specific information about events and the ASE organization.

This is a photo from one of our concerts of our storyteller performing.